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Essential Grooming Kit

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The 99ML Essential Grooming Kit contains Spray Deodorant, Soothing Shampoo and Hair Gel.

The 99ML Spray Deodorant combines the scents of Oak Moss and Tree Moss Extract with Grape Fruit and a hint of Ocean Breeze. Together with organic Tea Tree Oil which is exceptional in fighting unwanted odors and moisturizes your skin this deodorant will get you unscathed through long working days.

 With the organic Burdock and Sage, which both have anti-inflammatory properties the 99ML Soothing Shampoo protects and gently cleans your hair and scalp.  Additionally, Sage is a natural emollient which together with the antioxidants contained in the organic Birch Leaf Extract makes for a healthy hair and scalp. The 99ML shampoo is the perfect companion for the busy Traveler.

The 99ML Hair Gel is medium strong and enables you to softly sculpt your hair. The gel doesn’t get hard or edgy and nurses the hair with its content of organic Yarrow, which is soothing and antiseptic, organic Panax Ginseng which is an antioxidant boosting hydration, as well as organic extract from the Drumstick Tree, an antiseptic emollient assisting in regenerating your hair.