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The 99ML Brand

The brand’s range of grooming products for men spans broadly and is of the highest quality on the market. Made in Italy, 99ML’s items are vegan and recyclable. As environmental and social responsibility is of increasing importance for the consumer, its product range is not only highly functional, but also organic.

Dutyfreemag 30/06/2020

Organic & vegan ingredients

All products from the 99ML series are formulated with natural and organic ingredients to ensure the best quality and that no damage is done to hair, beard or body. The products vegan and registered with the Vegan Society and packed with recyclable materials.

Focus on functionality

All products are made in Italy, formulated and manufactured with the highest quality of organic and functional ingredients available to ensure maximum effect and functional products. All products are easy to apply, use, wash out and actively supports healthy hair.

-For men that wants to look their best-

Security compliant grooming

You can carry all product on board flights. The 99ML series is the world's first concept brand that addresses the global regulations on liquid carry-ons for airline passengers. The products are ideal for travelling men, who as yet have not seen any single brands catering exclusively for their segment.

Hair Wax

The 99ML Hair Wax is a medium strong wax. This wax will enable you to softly sculpt your hair and provide you with a healthy structure while protecting it.


• Carnauba Wax acts as a texture enhancer.

• Organic bearberry and grape leaf extract have a soothing effect and keeps your hair healthy with its antioxidant properties.

• Organic bilberry and Green Tea extract serves as a sun protecting agent and as an antioxidant

Beard Shampoo

The 99ML Beard Shampoo gently cleanses your beard giving it a luxurious texture and fine finish.


• Organic aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and moisturizes and repairs your beard.

• Organic Ginseng assists in keeping your beard healthy through its antioxidant properties and by boosting hydration.

Explore our new 99ML Travel Set

The 99ML Travel Set contains Eau de Toilette, Soothing Shampoo and Shaving Gel.

2020 Finalist for The Travel Retail Awards for Best Skincare, Haircare, Bath and Body Product.