Our Story


Horstmann 99ML is a convenience brand made for men. 

Modern men are increasingly interested in grooming products and are demanding quality products that are functional, clean, fragrant and that do the job. Horstmann 99ML cater for the needs of the male segment with an unscrupulously eclectic series of products made in Italy. The products all come in a convenient size, perfect for weekend trips, holidays or simply for the discerning gentleman’s home. The quality of the products is second to none and fully meet all requirements that modern men have. 


Men have traditionally spent only a bit more than 10% compared to women on toiletries and grooming. However, recently the male grooming market has become a fiercely growing market.  

Coming from an estimated USD 140,8 bn in 2020, observers expect it to grow to a whopping 183,2 bn by 2027 – a CAGR of 3,8%. Male hair care has an expected CAGR of 4,5%, up to some 40 bn, whereas the shaving segment expects a 4,3% CAGR. 

China is forecast to have a 6,9% CAGR to reach 39bn, roughly at par with the 2020 figure for the world’s currently largest market, the USA. The Latin American CAGR is expected at 4,1%. 

This forceful growth in the male grooming segment is driven largely by skin care, serums, the beard trend, as well as a growing interest in sustainability and natural (organic) products. 

Interestingly, traditional brands are heavily associated with women and shunned by men, who prefer brands that specialize in male grooming.  Given the strong growth in the male grooming segment, the market for new and specialized brands is colossal and the segment remains vastly under covered.  


The founder of Horstmann 99ML, Johan Horstmann, is an MBA, educated at Copenhagen and London Business School, who has had a 20-year long career in the Finance Industry working as a financial analyst, stockbroker and CEO of a number of financial companies. 

In this respect Mr. Horstmann travelled extensively for many years and became increasingly annoyed by the remarkable lack of high-quality grooming products for men. Therefore, he decided to develop a brand that would cater solely for men; a brand that was high in quality, with functional and organic ingredients, convenient for travellers and allowed onboard airplanes, vegan and sustainable. He wanted the brand to encompass all the grooming products that active men need. In short, he set out to develop a brand that had all the qualities that he himself and other men were unable to find. 


The 99ML by Horstmann series consists of all the essential grooming products to assist the modern man in looking and feeling great, ready to seize all opportunities coming his way. 

Horstmann 99ML is made in Italy and is of very high quality. The fragrance is developed in Milan and the products are made in the Vicenza-Padua-Venice area, an area well known for producing the planet’s best cosmetic products. All ingredients are selected with the utmost care and respect for tradition, customers and nature. Every product contains meticulously chosen organic and vegan functional ingredients, in order to ensure a superior feel whilst retaining a focus on sustainability. The Horstmann 99ML series encompasses all products that men need at home or when travelling. Additionally, all products contain 99ml for convenience and to enable customers to bring them past security checks and onboard planes. 

– 99ML by Horstmann.