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Styling Travel Set

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The 99ML Styling Travel Set contains Eau de Toilette, Soothing Shampoo and Hair Wax.

The 99ML Eau de Toilette is a modern and fresh classic that contains Oak moss Extract and Tree moss Extract providing pleasant scents of wood and underbrush. In combination with the fresh scents of Grape Fruit and a hint of Ocean Breeze the 99ML Eau de Toilette makes for a mesmerizing and refreshing scent reminiscent of Wildwood.

With the organic Burdock and Sage, which both have anti-inflammatory properties the 99ML Soothing Shampoo protects and gently cleans your hair and scalp.  Additionally, Sage is a natural emollient which together with the antioxidants contained in the organic Birch Leaf Extract makes for a healthy hair and scalp. The 99ML shampoo is the perfect companion for the busy Traveler.

The 99ML Hair Wax is a medium strong wax containing Carnauba Wax which acts as a texture enhancer. Additionally, it contains organic bearberry and grape leaf extract which are both soothing and antioxidant.